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GRT, invisible car clothing
What kind of function is the transparent protective film on the lacquer surface?
TPU film surface has a special layer of polymer coating, this transparent coating has scratch memory repair function, and can increase the brightness of the paint, avoid high-speed stone damage to the car paint, and effectively insulate shellac, gum, acid
How long does the transparent coating last?
According to the maintenance condition of the membrane, the transparent coating can be maintained indefinitely. Regular cleaning and waxing will keep the transparent coating in good condition.
How can lacquer transparent films prevent lac, gum and acid rain from corrosion to car paints?
The transparent protective film on the paint surface has strong anti-fouling and chemical resistance, and its transparent coating has very low surface adhesion, which makes all kinds of stains can not be well adhered to the surface of the film, and can be
How to maintain the transparent film on the car body?
Stealth car clothing is very easy to care. We can normally wash the car 7 days after construction.
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