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Franchise advantage

First, brand image advantage

We provide management, technology, training, information, advertising, network, distribution, service eight follow-up support.

Provide the franchisees with no reservations to the successful business management methods and formulate plans.

We will always actively promote our new businesses and technologies to franchisees.

- training employees in various franchises through various ways.

Two, product quality advantage

We strictly implement a comprehensive quality management system, the production process problems will be fully automatic monitoring equipment in time to detect and correct. Our goal is to enable our customers to have excellent quality and lasting new products.

The quality of high quality products is conducive to the maintenance of our brand image and the prosperity of our market.

Three, technical service advantages

Headquarters has a scientific research team composed of chemical experts, laboratory technical elite and production professionals. In the modern laboratory, we constantly sum up experience, and according to the needs of different types of customers, the latest technology and high-tech formula in the product development process.

We provide professional technical training and technical support to our distributors / franchise stores, and we can also send technical personnel to the scene to assist according to the situation.

Our strong technical services are conducive to market stability.

Four, management advantages

Headquarters is responsible for the unified formulation of market strategies, such as brand image, product supply, technical training, service, advertising, management mode, etc., to ensure the regional interests of partners.

Our distributors/franchise stores can get a large number of publicity pages, promotional materials, sample books, posters, technical materials, film tools, etc. for free. All of these can be customized according to local market demand.

Our mature management experience and people-oriented corporate culture are conducive to achieving a win-win situation.

Five, after-sales service advantages

The purpose of the headquarters is to provide perfect customer service, and our service outlets all over the country will be able to make this a reality. Customers will feel professional, relaxed, friendly and valuable in consumption or purchase.

Mode of joining

First, franchise chain stores

If you have a 70-80_floor area, it is best to put the car indoors, convenient film shop. Then we suggest that you choose to join the chain store.

Franchise chain stores can be divided into ordinary stores and flagship stores according to the differences in capital and technical personnel. From site selection to decoration, from technical training to management guidance, the head office sent special personnel to follow up and provide the greatest help.

The franchise chain stores shall issue authorization certificates by the head office, provide relevant materials and sample cards for publicity of all products, and distribute construction supplies such as coated tools and clothing according to the specifications of the franchise stores.

Two, regional agent dealers

If you already have a certain strength and influence in your area, and intend to become the head office in your area agent dealer. We shall be pleased to make further contact with you and discuss details.

We promise that no matter from the quality of each film, to the follow-up details of service, our company will do its utmost to serve every agent, every terminal image store, every customer wholeheartedly. We will let all media have the shadow of the top automotive insulation film, and continue to expand its popularity.

Distribution and cooperation

"Basic conditions"

1. Over one year experience in automobile maintenance products.

2, there are no less than 50 square meters of storefront in the main auto parts / auto wholesale market.

3, there are more than three full-time salesmen.

4, there are more than one hundred car beauty shops, 4S stores, fast repair shop customers accumulate;

5, there is a certain amount of capital for brand operation;

Responsibilities and requirements

1, develop brand local market share;

2, strictly enforce the price system, promotion policies and so on;

3, maintain the brand image in the local market;

Preferential policies

1, enjoy the lowest brand dealer purchase price;

2, enjoy the normal brand promotion policy;

3, enjoy the brand quarterly and annual rebate policy;

4, enjoy the brand's regional protection system;

5, enjoy the brand advertising in the local market;

Authorized service store cooperation

"Access conditions"

1, store area of not less than 300 square meters;

2. Agree to decorate according to the requirements of headquarters image.

3, provide product display area;

4. At least one experienced technician.

Policy support

1, enjoy the brand unified national preferential price policy;

2, enjoy the brand's website promotion policy;

3, enjoy the brand's regional protection policy;

4, enjoy the brand marketing technology training.

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